Michael Hetchler - Senior Manager, Studio Facilities

Michael Hetchler

Education and experience set Michael Hetchler’s career on a forward path, but working with a team that consistently sets higher goals is how he defines his professional success. Michael earned degrees at Michigan State and ITI (mechanical engineering) and spent the next 20 years applying and expanding his skills at high-profile companies, where he provided facilities support for 21 restaurants, a brewery, two bowling alleys and two theaters. He later was employed by Del-Air Company where he developed skills specific to HVAC installation and maintenance.

“I really was looking to contribute to a team where we managed daily challenges toward long terms goals of growth and improvement.” Pamela Tuscany, Vice President and General Manager for Universal Studios Florida Production Group. Tuscany recognized Michael’s potential to approach the highly challenging issues of upgrading the face and efficiency of the four-acre footprint that comprises the Production Group banner. Recently, under Michael’s direction, the team has accomplished capital improvements including sound stage Elephant door motor replacements, HVAC installations and high efficiency lighting replacements for many of the studio facilities. These improvements have impacted the company’s ambitious green initiative by improving efficiency and utility costs. The savings are passed directly to production clients. “Michael’s successes continue to be a great asset,” says Tuscany. “Whether you’re with us as an on-the-lot production tenant, or in for a short- or long-term production, our team is ever present to be ahead of your every detail and need.”

Michael generously gives his time as a volunteer and pioneered the launch of “Gumbopalooza” to benefit Give Kids the World. He was recently awarded for his volunteering and is a member of the prestigious Club 52, a program recognizing outstanding volunteers at Universal Orlando Resort. He collects antique radios and is proud that his daughter Sara is also a team member at Universal Orlando Resort.

Contact Michael Hetchler at: michael.hetchler@universalorlando.com