Production Support on the Lot

Production at Universal Studios Florida® is supported by experienced industry professionals, resources housed on-site and throughout the Central Florida community. The following resources are available to provide valuable expertise, experience and equipment for your production.


Universal Studios® Catering

Now you can bring all of the food, fun and excitement of Universal Orlando® Resort right to your production with Universal Studios Catering.

Our production catering services include competitively priced options such as craft services, breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks. A full-size mobile kitchen is ideal for sound stages or backlot shoots and can travel to any location and prepare hot meals fast to your busy crew. We have years of experience successfully fulfilling movie productions, television productions and talent riders at an affordable price.

Universal Orlando's reputation for culinary excellence and themed event expertise is unmatched. With Universal Studios Catering, you can enjoy the unparalleled quality our special event clients have experienced for years.

Contact: Lynn Weaver, Production Catering Manager

Phone: 407-224-2020
Cell: 407-448-3846


Donadi Music Productions

Music for Film, Television, Video Games and Themed Attractions
Services provided: Music Composition, Scoring, Production

Contact: Award Winning Composer, Dani Donadi

Phone: 407-224-3498
Cell: 407-709-1356

Anything Audible

Audio Post Production and Music Composition

Anything Audible is dedicated to providing a hassle-free workflow for our clients. We offer a number of audio services including:

  • Dialogue and Sound Effects Editing - Cleaning up production audio and sweetening existing production sound with effects from custom extensive Sound Effect Libraries.
  • Sound-Designing - Creative layering of ambiance, electronic sounds or unique sound effects. Specializing in Creature Design, Horror, Psychological and Sci-fi sounds.
  • Foley Recording - Foley Artists available to perform essential effects to sweeten your production. From Footsteps, to cloth, to props.
  • Voice-Over Recording - Recording and editing of voice for Commercials, Animated projects or Feature Films (ADR).
  • Re-Recording Mixing - Mixing Projects in Stereo or Surround formats. Specializing in creating your deliverable mixes; (5.1) 6 track and 2 track mixes, DME Stems, and M+E mix for the international sale of your project.
  • Music Composition - Music Scoring for Feature Films, Animated projects or Commercials.

Contact: Lee Riley M.P.S.E.

Cell: 407-575-1970


The DAVE School

The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School, known simply as The DAVE School, is a nonpublic career education school providing technical training for people who want to become visual effects artists. The program offers complete immersion in the art and science of computer animated special effects, with extensive practice under qualified supervision. After successfully completing the 1,200-hour program, students who meet all requirements receive an Occupational Associates Degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects.

Contact: Dr. David Penn

Phone: 407-224-3283
Fax: 407-224-5648