The Universal Studios Florida Production Group is committed to using products and services that are considered "green" and sustainable, motivating our staff and others in our production community to lead a green life, and implementing green production practices on our properties.

Some of the ways we implement sustainable production practices include:

  • Set up clearly labeled recycling bins in high traffic areas
  • Provide a water dispenser in our B22A/Producers Building to reduce the use of single use plastic water bottles
  • Print double-sided and adjust margins to reduce paper use
  • Distribute information digitally and only print upon request
  • Collect batteries and fluorescent light bulbs separately for proper disposal
  • Provide resources to support the diversion of cardboard, scrap metal, and pallets from landfills
  • Distribute a sustainable practice's memo to staff and crew
  • Collect food waste in catering areas to divert away from landfills
  • Use of energy efficient LED lighting on our stages and in our canopy areas
  • Use of modern adjustable HVAC systems to control A/C and humidity in our soundstages