While filming on the soundstages, USFPG offers both reserved and non-reserved crew and basecamp parking. All of the spaces are located adjacent to the sound stages.


Access via car to the sound stages and backlot is secured by a 24/7 guard gate.

Driving on the Lot

For the safety of our clients, guests, and employees, Universal Studios Florida has implemented a drive-on procedure that must be adhered to by everyone who wishes to access the sound stages and back lot with their car.

All visitors to Universal Studios Florida must make prior arrangements for drive-on access pass through Studio Operations. Everyone wishing drive on access must submit a valid driver's license to the security guard and submit to having their vehicle searched upon request. 

Access to Building 22-A

Everyone on the production staff who is working in the B22-A office building is given a magnetic pass card. This card allows them access to the B22-A office building, which is kept locked.