Broadcast Center

Record or live broadcast your latest creative project in our world-class, state of the art Broadcast Center. Whether it's a radio show, podcast, radio press tour, or recording a voice over artist, we invite you to experience all that this unique studio has to offer.

Equipment includes:

  • Axia Consoles
  • Neumann Microphones and Studio Monitors
  • Touchscreen SFX & Beds
  • Sennehiser Headphones
  • Yellowtch Mic Arms
  • Vox Pro

Other amenities include:

  • Toll-free phone lines
  • ISDN & IP Codecs for Broadcast Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi, Printer & Fax
  • Call Screening available for the Minion Studio
  • Stocked Private Greenroom
  • Stocked Private Bathroom

This comfortable, furnished facility also includes a staff engineer and marketing professional on site for all broadcasts. The Broadcast Center is located on Hollywood Boulevard, in the heart of Universal Studios Florida.

For inquiries, call us at 877.612.3737 or email us at