Q: Do you have copy machines available?
A: Yes, one copy machine is available for a small fee of .10¢ per black and white copies and .25¢ per color copies.

Q: Is there High Speed Internet access in the building?
A: Yes

Q: What are the hours of operation for Building 22A?
A: Building 22A is open to tenants 24/7 with a system that secures the building.

Q: How many parking passes do I get?
A: The number of parking passes issued is determined by the project. You can request "drive on" privileges for visiting clients through the USFPG Client Services Team.

Q: Do we have access to the Universal theme parks?
A: Tenants may access the theme parks for lunch with their clients (no children please), Monday through Friday. We ask that you limit your time to two hours. This privilege is only for business luncheons. Should you wish to tour our backlot for projects we ask that you contact one of our Staff Sales Representatives.

Q: How many Amps of power are available in each of the Universal Orlando sound stages?
A: Total available power within our 16,500 sq. ft. stages (and larger) is 2,000 Amps per phase. Two (2) Buss ways located on the Catwalk level with 400 Amps per leg and two (2) Buss ways located at the ground level with 400 Amps per leg. All of our sound stages have 3-phase power.

Q: Do your stages only operate during specific hours?
A: No, the sound stage area is a 24/7 facility. Should your production be operating during off hours or weekends we would suggest that you budget for a Sound Stage Supervisor to assist with any facility request or issue that may arise.

Q: What are the load limits for your stages?
A: Recommendation is 2,500 pounds per point (dead hand ONLY) every 12 feet. Heavier configurations are possible with certified load calculations along with the documented approval of the Universal Engineering Department.

Q: Are pyrotechnics allowed within the sound stages?
A: Universal Orlando requires proper permitting for all special effects taking place in the stages.  This includes the use of pyro, open flames, cooking fires, smoke effects, squib hits and lasers.  A complete description of all special effects will need to be provided by the production company.   This information will be included in the Universal Orlando EHS permit request to the City of Orlando.  Please be aware this type of permit request requires 10 working days to process.  A Universal Orlando representative will be required to conduct fire watch during all hours of pyro operation.  Hourly charges will apply.

Q: What can be done with our waste solvent, paints and solids?
A: Universal Environmental Health and Safety Department handles all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal needs at a charge which will be determined upon disclosure of quantity and materials involved. Paint and controlled waste recovery systems are located in each stage.

NOTE: Under no circumstances is a production allowed to remove opened containers of product or waste containers of such materials from UO property without proper certified and accredited permitting from the City of Orlando and the State of Florida.

Q: What is the rental period for a sound stage?
A: The sound stages rates are based on a 24 hour period. This usually allows for time to load-out and have the stage cleaned.

Q: Do you offer tours?
A: Should you wish to tour our backlot for projects, we ask that you contact one of our Staff Sales Representatives.