Sound Stages & Backlots

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Universal Studios Florida has six sound stages and two event stages. Some of the features include:

  • An innovative trolley beam providing total flexibility for shooting any type of production, including live, audience-based shows, television series, and feature films.
  • Elephant doors, making load-in and load-out quick and efficient.
  • Catwalks designed to accommodate any lighting power requirements.
  • Silent air conditioning to facilitate continuous shooting, and a quick exhaust system for special effects.
  • Compressed air for power tool operation.

A canopy covers the breezeway between the sound stages and production offices to protect against inclement weather.


The Universal Orlando property, as well as its Sandlake Road property, is host to hundreds of exterior and interior locations. For example:

Exterior Locations Interior Locations
• New York Street
• Exterior Locations
• New York Street
• Hollywood Boulevard
• Metropolitan residence
• Parks and waterfronts
• Fishing village
• Nightclubs
• Shops and restaurants
• Chiller plant
• Loading dock
• Back alleys
• Wooded areas
• School front
• Bank
• Bus stop
• Waterways
• Driving roads
• Boat docks
• Wharf
• Roof tops
• Warehouse
• Rope climb
• Security screening station
• Valet
• Parking garage
• Industrial dock
• Beach
• Swamps
• Wilderness area
• Thick forest
• Library
• Long hallways
• Stairwells
• Industrial kitchen
• Home kitchen
• School lockers
• Ballrooms
• Hotel lobbies
• Warehouse
• Classroom
• Arcade
• Bowling
• Café and restaurants
• Industrial laundry
• Hair salon
• Doctor’s office
• Pharmacy
• Convenience store
• Shoe store
• Law office
• Nightclub
• Neighborhood pub

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