There is a very unique opportunity for me with the Universal Studios Florida Production Group that I can translate when I go to sell studios on bringing projects here. We have found a very unique and happy circumstance in Orlando that doesn't really exist anywhere else.

- Wayne Morris, Producer and Production Manager

Productions that shoot with USFPG can expect an unparalleled level of support, professionalism and understanding of the needs of the production. The USFPG team is experienced with the smallest and largest productions and is able to assist creatively and logistically. And as we know with any production, things change. USFPG understands this and consistently adapts and assists productions in last minute changes and needs.

- Stacey McGillis, Location Manager/Scout

The first project I was on which took full advantage of the Universal backlots and sound stages was season one of "David Make Man." The company based its whole local production office in the dozens of available office spaces on the backlot. We built our sets in various sound stages and even popped into the theme parks on occasion. The USFPG team worked with us, navigating around their events and other productions happening at the same time and it always worked out seamlessly.

- Laura M. Blair, Line Producer and Location Manager

Universal makes it easy. The facilities are top notch, the stages are beautiful, and the support from Universal is outstanding. We'll come back again because we enjoyed the experience.

- Erik Thompson, VP Advertising and PR at Mercury Insurance

Universal Studios Florida is the largest option for soundstage space in Central Florida that includes full service amenities upon request. And it's situated close to dozens of hotels to accommodate any traveling cast, crew, and clients. It's simple to get quotes, take tours, and work out terms. The staff is amazing and knows every inch of all the properties along with what can be accomplished. Sometimes they know the answers to questions I haven't even asked yet.

- Laura M. Blair, Line Producer and Location Manager

Some of our favorite things about shooting at Universal Studios Florida were the professionalism and knowledge of the Production Group staff, as well as the overall facilities. The staff always had smiles on their faces and they made things happen. They took care of us and understood our needs.

- Jared Jenkins, VP Production at Truly Original

Anyone can make a big box that's soundproof. It's the support staff at USFPG that makes the big difference.

- Clay Murphy, Partner and Executive Vice President of Production at INE Entertainment